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Sending an email notification is easy to do in KiSSFLOW when a task begins. But what about if you want to send an email when the entire workflow is complete?

The best way to do this is setting up a Zap with Zapier. You’ll need to start with a paid Zapier for Work plan.

Go into Zapier and start making a Zap. See this video to connect your account to Zapier and test webhooks.

Once you’ve selected your account, choose the App name that you want to conclude with an email.

Right now, this Zap will trigger every time a task is completed, but we only want it to happen when the last task happens. To do that we’ll need to create a filter.

We only want it to only happen if the Process Step exactly matches the name of the last task in the workflow. In our case, it is CEO Approval. If you ever change the name of this task, you’ll also need to update your Zap.

Finally, you need to set up the action, which is the email. After you connect it to your account, you can use the fields in the form to create your email, designated in who it should go to, the subject, and the body of the email. You can use fields from the workflow like this.

Once you are finished, turn on your Zap.

Now, as soon as the last task is completed, an email will go out just like you set up.

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