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Let’s say you have a task that you want to assign to a group of people instead of an individual.

Groups can be created by Super Admins or User Admins

First, go to your Admin Tab to create the group. Under User Management, click Groups. You can add the group directly in KiSSFLOW, but make sure the name doesn’t have any spaces. Then add the users you want to be a part of that group.

If you want to start with a list of users from a different group, you can select this option and it will copy the list over there, or you can edit it later. You can also use a CSV file to import the group, or, if your KiSSFLOW account is connected to your Google Apps account, you can have access to any email groups you created there.

Now that your group is set, you can assign tasks to them. In the workflow, assign a task to the group.

Remember that when you assign a task to a group of people, only one of them needs to complete it before it goes to the next task. If you need everyone’s approval, you’ll need to make a separate task for each person.

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