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To get the most out of your apps, you may want to integrate them with other software. One great way to link different software is through Zapier. Only an Admin in KiSSFLOW can link to Zapier.

To start, sign into your Zapier account and click on Make a Zap.

Choose a name for your Zap.

For the trigger app, type in KiSSFLOW. Then hit Save and continue.

Then you need to connect to your KiSSFLOW account. Zapier will ask for your Account ID and your API key. You can find all of this information on the Admin tab in KiSSFLOW. In the lower left-hand side, you can find both the Account ID and the API key. Copy both of them and enter the information into Zapier. Be sure to test the account to make sure it is integrated correctly, and then save and continue.

Next, choose the App you’d like to integrate. Zapier will give you the URL for a webhook that you need to enter into KiSSFLOW. You will need a new webhook for every integration.

Copy the URL and then go back to your admin tab. Click on Manage in the Web Services tab. Choose the App you are automating and then enter the URL from Zapier. Click Add Webhook, and then click test. This sends some sample data to Zapier.

Zapier will test the data to make sure it is working correctly.

If you want the action to occur at a particular moment in the workflow, you will need to add a filter. Click the plus button after the Trigger tab and select a filter. Select Save + Continue. To set up the filter based on a task, click on the first dropdown and select Process Step. In the second dropdown, select Text Contains or Text Exactly Matches. Then write the exact name of the task after which you want the action to happen.

If you want the action to occur after the first task, put "Start" in the field. 

You don’t need to test this step as the sample data won’t fit into the filter.

Now you are ready to set up the action step. In this case, we want to add a calendar event, so I’ll select Google Calendar and make a new detailed event.

I’ve already linked my Google Calendar with Zapier, so I can choose my account there.

In the next step for this example, I’ll choose all the fields I want to copy from. For example, I want the Summary or Title of the event to match the Subject or Label of each workflow item. I’ll map the start time to a field called Departure Time in my form, and the end time to a field called Arrival Time.

After you click continue, you can see some sample data that Zapier has set up. If everything looks good, you can finish and turn on the Zap.

Now back in KiSSFLOW, I’m at the task called Mr. Wayne’s Approval. As soon as I approve this item, I can check my Google Calendar and it has been added automatically.

Now that your KiSSFLOW account is linked to Zapier, you can explore hundreds of opportunities to integrate your data. Go to here to learn more.

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