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The remote lookup field is a great way to get data from external systems into your form.

Let’s try to create a field that calculates prices in GBP for purchase orders created in USD. We’ll start with a field that computes the total purchase order in USD.

Next, create a remote lookup field called Conversion Value. You can set up this field to select a value by default, or let users select a value from a list. Here, I’ll automatically choose the value from, an API service that provides live currency conversion data.

Enter the URL for the endpoint in the “URL of Resource” setting. You can dynamically add fields to the URL query string if you want.

In our case the API to use is:

You can do either a GET or a POST request. I’ll choose GET for this example. Next, you can add HEADER and BODY parameters in the API request. This is useful when you are making authenticated calls to other API Services.

Then, configure the field to “Auto populate a value” and configure the result type to be JSON. You can choose between JSON, XML and Plain Text. For JSON and XML there is an extra JSONPath and XPATH field to search, filter out, and show only a part of the API result.

In our case the API result will be:


Create a new field called Rate in GBP and write a formula to multiply the purchase order total by the conversion value.

In the live form, KiSSFLOW will automatically create a button called “Fetch Conversion Value”. When you click on it, KiSSFLOW will perform a remote call and fetch live values which will then be used to calculate the GBP value of your purchase order.

Configuration Options

URL of Resource - The URL needed to be queried
Call Type -  “POST” or ”GET”
Body - A set of fields that will be sent in the body of the request.
Headers - A set of values that will be sent as custom header fields.
Result Type - The type of response to expect. Can be “xml”, “json” or “text”
JSONPath/XPATH - XPATH is for XML, JSONPath is for JSON. The path that will be queried in the result to display value / show a dropdown to users.
Default - A default value when there is a failure in the API
Index - Index from which the list should return data if result is array on a given JSONPath/XPath

Pro Tips

Use Remote Lookups to fetch live currency, stock, and bullion rates.
Use Remote Lookups when you want to refer to data on a different MDM system.
Reduce the number of remote fields by storing the entire JSON/XML data from one call instead of just a particular value and using JSON_EXTRACT formulae in other fields.

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