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Customize the Appearance
Customize the Appearance

How to change the color scheme, add a logo, and adjust the form spacing

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You can change the appearance of your account to match your organization’s color profile. 

To do it, go to the Admin tab and click Account Settings. Scroll down to the Appearance section.  

Here, you’ll have the ability to add your company logo, color scheme, and form appearance. 

To Change the Logo, just click upload and select the file from your local system or a web link. 

For the Color Scheme, we’ve given five options for you, or you can select your own custom color. 

In the Form Appearance section, you can keep your forms in the default view, choose Compact to reduce the space between lines for large forms, or choose Large to increase the space and make it easier to read. 

You can see how your changes will affect your forms in the preview section. 

Once you are done click Apply, and your account will make all the adjustments. 

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