As a part of a workflow, you can start a new item in a different App. Let’s look at a situation where after a Purchase Request is completed, you want to start a new item to generate a Purchase Order.

Start off in your workflow and identify the place where you’d like to start the new item. In our case, it’s going to come after the last task in the Purchase Request workflow. 

Click on the plus sign, and then add an action. Choose “Start a New Item”. 

Choose the new app that you want to start. In this case, it is Purchase Order. Next, you need to map the fields in the form of the triggered App to fields from your current App. You can also map tables. 

You’ll see an option at the bottom to Submit item for approval after creation. When this option is ticked, the new item will be submitted into the process. If this option is unchecked, then a draft will be created which can be submitted later. 

Let’s look at what happens in a live form. Here’s the final step in the Purchase Request workflow. Since I checked the option to submit the item for approval, after it is approved, it is automatically submitted into as a Purchase Order item. I can check the status in the In Progress icon on My Items.  

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