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Update an Item as a Part of a Workflow
Update an Item as a Part of a Workflow

Edit the fields of an item with data from another item in progress

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In your workflow, you can update an existing item in another App. Let’s look at a situation where you want to update the Purchase Order number on the connected Purchase Request.

Before you start, make sure you have a Lookup Field already in place in your form that connects the two Apps. 

First, identify the place in the workflow where you want to update the item. In our case, it’s going to be after the last task in the Purchase Order workflow. 

Click on the plus sign, and then add an action. Choose Update an Item. Then, select the target App where you want to update the item. 

Next choose the Lookup Field in Purchase Order that refers to the Purchase Request. 

You can then map the fields in the form of the triggered App to fields from your current App. 

Let’s look at what happens in a live form. Here’s the final step in the Purchase Order workflow. Once I approve it the Purchase Order Number will automatically get updated on its associated Purchase Request.

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