You can send an email to anyone as a system-generated action in KiSSFLOW. In the Define Workflow page, click the plus button where you want the email to go out. Select Add Action, and then choose Send an Email. 

Selecting the Recipient(s)

You can send the email to any user or a group in your KiSSFLOW account by selecting them from the dropdown.

You can also dynamically send an email based on the initiator, initiator's manager, or to the email address in any User Field that you created in your form.   

There's also an option to add a bcc address.

The FROM address in the email will be <[email protected]>, which is the same account that sends all KiSSFLOW emails.

Note: To send an email to an external user (someone outside your account), start a chat conversation and we will walk you through it.


Subject and Content of the Email

The subject can be static, or you can make it dynamic using data from your fields with the button to the right of the subject line.  

You can create any content you want for the email. You can use the formatting tools available, or write the email in HTML. You can also use the dropdown menu called Fields to insert dynamic values based on the form data from that workflow item. 


You can create specific conditions for when the email is supposed to be sent by entering a formula in the section called When does this action happen.

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