Sometimes you have a table in a form and you want to start separate items for each of them after they get approved. The best example of this is a purchase request that approves multiple line items, but each one needs to have its own purchase order. 

You can do this with an Action in your workflow. 

First select the point in the workflow where you want the new items to be triggered. Then click Add an Action, and select Start Multiple Items from Table.

Start off by selecting which process you want to trigger. Then you can map the fields in the triggered process with the fields in the first process. 

You can use this field to select if the action happens always, or only under certain circumstances. 

Finally, there’s an option to submit the item for approval after creation. If you leave this unchecked, a draft form will be created and stored in your drafts. If you check this option, it will automatically be submitted into the workflow. 

In a live form, I have a purchase request with multiple items. After it goes to the final approval, it will automatically trigger as many items as there were rows in the table. 

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