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You can easily integrate KiSSFLOW with Salesforce. For example, let’s say that when a customer enquiries about a product through an online KiSSFLOW form, you want to convert them to a lead in Salesforce.

Note: Salesforce is considered a premium app in Zapier, which means you’ll need a paid account to use this integration. 

If this is your first time using Zapier, start with the article on how to connect your KiSSFLOW account to Zapier and start a new Zap. We’ll link this one to the Customer Enquiry workflow. 

In the Define Workflow section in KiSSFLOW, add the action, Send Data to a Webhook to the right place. Then, in Zapier, copy the webhook URL for the new Zap, and insert it into the action.

Back in Zapier, connect the Zap to your Salesforce account. 

With Zapier, you can create a new lead, a new custom object, a new contact, or many other options. 

I’ll choose to create a new lead. You can map out which fields in KiSSFLOW to use for the email, name, company, and other information. 

Once the Zap is set up, make sure it is turned on. 

Now, after the customer enquiry form is filled out, a new lead is automatically created in SalesForce!

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