Most Common Errors:

  1. There was an error. Please contact support if it continues. This is the most common error you will see in KiSSFLOW and it can occur for different reasons. When you see this message, start a chat with Customer Support Executive. Explain what action you saw this error popping up so they can help you fix it. A bad formula in a form is often the culprit. 

  2. User not assigned. This can occur if a task is assigned dynamically to a user field in the Define Workflow section, and that field is either empty or didn’t populate correctly. Some user fields might be formula-based and need to be checked. 

  3. Session Timeout. Please refresh and contact support if it continues. This can occur if you haven’t used your screen for a while. It might also occur if two or more users try to log in to the same account simultaneously. 

  4. Unable to retrieve apps. Please refresh and contact support if it continues. This is most often seen if you have set your browser settings to restrict third parties cookies. Change your browser settings to fix this error. (Occurs most often in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)).

  5. The item has been moved from your queue. In group approvals, if one group member approves the form while the same form is open on another member’s screen, this message will show if they try to open the task. 

  6. There are no items associated with this user. This message appears in the reports tab when you click on a specific user on the User Workload Report if that user does not have any active items. 

  7. Unable to get the assignment for the step. This shows when the next task is assigned to a User field that is currently unassigned. Either assign the user, or contact the app administrator to correct this. 

Form & Workflow

  1. That formula doesn’t work. The entered formula is incorrect. Recheck and enter the correct formula. Be sure to check spelling, parentheses, and quotation marks.

  2. Null. This error appears if you're unable to view the form field and other sections of the form. To resolve this issue, start a chat with a Customer Support Executive. 

  3. Unable to save Workflow information. Try to refresh your browser. Contact support if the problem continues. This issue occurs when the workflow is not set up properly. To resolve, check your workflow and try publishing it again.


  1. The primary column cannot have duplicate values. The first column cannot have the same values in multiple rows. Remove the duplicates to fix it.

  2. The primary column cannot have empty values. This appears when you delete data from the first column of the master. Make sure all rows have data in the first column when you save it. 

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