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Every form is made up of sections, fields and tables. Sections are useful because you can control all their settings easily in the Permissions stage and they help organize your form. Let’s call this first section ‘Requestor Info’. To add a section, click on Add Section. Rearranging sections is easy – just click the move up button or the move down button.

Fields are individual lines of data that you want to collect. They are the building blocks of your form. To add a new field, you can click on the green button, or you can click on one of the types of fields in the left menu, or you can drag and drop. Rearranging fields is easy too – select the field you want to move and drag it where you want it.

A table acts like a separate section, and lets you collect an unlimited set of similar data. Just click Add Table, and then Add New Column Here. You can put in as many columns as you need, and the user can insert as many rows as they want.

That’s an overview of the Forms section. Check out our other videos to see how to use all the different fields.

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