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How to edit who can see your form data at different stages of the workflow. You can make fields read-only, editable, or hidden

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You can customize your KiSSFLOW form to show different parts of the form depending on what stage in the workflow it is in. Do this by going to the Change Permissions section of the wizard.

On the left, you will see a list of all the tasks you’ve created as tabs. The first tab is the initial form that displays when someone starts a new item. When you click on a tab, the right side of the screen will show you what parts of the form the user sees at that stage.

Each field will have three options:

  • Editable - the user can add or edit the information in a field

  • Read-Only - the data is displayed, but cannot be changed

  • Hidden - the field will not be displayed at all

By default, in the first task of the workflow, the initiator can edit all the fields, and the sections for every other task are read-only. 

If the field is based on a computed formula, you have two options:

  • Visible - the data is shown

  • Hidden - the data is not shown

If a field is required, then the first time in the workflow it is editable, it must be filled out.

You can set the permission levels for each field, or for an entire section. 

The next-to-last tab is called Initiator’s Final Summary this is what the user who initiated the form will see once all of the tasks are completed.

The last tab is called All Tasks. This tab controls the permissions and visibility of fields and sections across every step based on the data in them. For example, if you have a computed field that you never want to show, you can mark it as Hidden in the All Tasks tab.

If you would like to control the visibility of fields based on conditions in the form, click here.  

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