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Let’s say that Bruce has some international travel plans. He needs plane tickets, visas, and someone to confirm his meeting agenda. None of these things need to happen sequentially, so there’s no need to make them dependent on each other completing before the next one starts.

First, identify the point in the workflow where you want the multiple tasks to happen. Then click “Add Parallel Branches”.

Give each branch a name. Tickets, Visas, Agenda Confirmation. We want each of these branches to happen always.

A branch like Agenda Confirmation might only have one task in it. However, tickets might require a few steps like sending Bruce options, getting his approval, and getting Finance to purchase the tickets.

Now, when this branch begins, all three people will receive the task at the same time and it won’t progress to the next step until everyone finishes.

You can also add another task at the end that is dependent on all three, such as Deliver Travel Documents to Bruce. This task won’t begin until all of the branches have finished.

When you see this App in action, you can see that all of the tasks are in progress at the same time.

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