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The Masters Tab is where you can manage all of the lists and databases that you use for your automated apps, from Vendor Lists, to Product Catalogs, to Employee Data.

There are two types of data sets: Masters and Lists. Masters have multiple columns while Lists only have one column.

In the Lists section, you see all the data you can use for either dropdown fields or checkbox fields. You can edit the data for any of these lists, by typing directly into the fields or by copying and pasting from another spreadsheet. You can also delete Lists you don’t need any more.

If you are creating a dropdown or checkbox field in a live form, all of your lists will display to choose from.

In the Masters section, you will see all of your multiple column databases. From the main menu, you can create a new master by clicking on the red button, delete any master directly, or edit it by clicking on it.

If you click on any master, you can edit the data directly. You also have the option to search through the master, import data from a CSV file, or export data to a CSV file.

If you click this button, you can update settings of the master, including the name of the master, and changing the column names. You can also delete and save the master from here.

When you are in the App Wizard, you can use the Masters field to show information from a particular master and a particular column. You can also select which other fields display along with your master.

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