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There are two main ways to dynamically assign a task in a workflow.

The first is to assign a task based on a role. For any task, if you click on ‘Show Advanced Assignment Options’, you will see a few choices. You can assign the task to the Initiator, meaning the person who started the item, or you can assign the task to the Initiator’s Manager, Department Head, or Location Head. All of these settings are configured by the Super Admin or User Admin in the User Management section.

The second way to assign a task is with a User field. Let’s say that, in your form, you include a User field called ‘Sales Team Member’.

Back in your workflow, you might create a new task called ‘Update Sales record’, but you want to dynamically assign it to the name of the Sales Team Member.

Under the Advanced Assignment Options, a new option will show up that allows you to assign a task to whomever is selected in that field. This assignment will be different for every item depending on which user is selected. You can have multiple user fields in a form and use any of them to assign a task.

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