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Let’s say that you want send an offer letter to a candidate as a part of a workflow. You can do this by connecting KiSSFLOW and WebMerge through Zapier. Before you start, make sure you have an account with both and that you’ve initiated at least one item in the KiSSFLOW app you want to integrate.

Start by going to Zapier. [If you haven’t yet linked your KiSSFLOW account with Zapier, go to here to see how to do it. That will give you all the background information on how to set up webhooks and API integration with Zapier.]

Make a new Zap called Offer Letter, or whatever you’d like to call it. Link it to the App you want to use, in our case it is Employee Job Offer.

In this workflow, I want the letter to go out right after the task called Department Head Approval. So, in Zapier, I’m going to name that in the filter.

Now, you need to login to your WebMerge account. Create a new document called Offer Letter using the document builder. Use whichever merge fields you would like. In the settings, you can set the filename of the attached PDF to whatever you want. On the delivery settings, you can map the email address to a merge field from your form.

Now, go back to your Zapier account. Your action step will be connected with your WebMerge Account. You will find your WebMerge API account information on your WebMerge profile page under API access.

After you’ve completed your integration, choose the name of the document you just created. Then, use Zapier to map all of your merge fields with the same names you created in your KiSSFLOW app.

Once you turn your Zap on, you will now automatically generate an offer letter once the Department Head Approval task completes.

Here’s what it would look like in the form. And here’s the offer letter that comes automatically.

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