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In the Publish stage of the App Wizard, you have an option to customize the subject. A different subject is given to each item that goes through this app. You want to choose a subject that will help you and your users easily distinguish between items, and one that’s obvious enough that it fits into the subject line of an email. You can make the subject dynamic by using a curly bracket when you want to refer to a certain field or a system formula.

For example, in this App, I want to the subject to be {Location} – {Date of Travel}.

If you want to use information from a table in the Subject, you'll need to use the special DConcatenate function described here.

Here are three places that the subject can show up.

  1. In My Tasks and My Items, the subject will show in each person’s list

  2. You can set up your email notifications to include the subject as a part of the subject line when informing users they need to act on an item

  3. In Reports, the app’s All Items Report will use the subject as the first column to organize the data. You can also use the subject column in your own customized report.

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