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How to set up a webform that anyone can initiate from a URL, even without a KiSSFLOW account
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In the last step of the app wizard, one of the settings you can configure is to host this form on the web.

When you enable this setting, you are given some HTML code that you can embed on any webpage that you have access to. See your IT team if you need help with embedding the code.

The code will display the initial form of your app. That means that anyone can initiate your form, even if they aren’t a user in your system. However, you won’t be able to automatically include the initiator on any other tasks in the workflow unless they are a user.

In the settings, you can also turn on an option to protect this form with a Captcha to make sure that you don’t get any spam submissions.

You can use this feature for free in KiSSFLOW for up to 30 submissions per month. If you need more than 30 submissions you can buy additional credits at $0.30 a credit. These credits will be available over and above your free usage limits and will be reset every month.  We’ll send you a reminder email when you are getting close to the 30 submissions or if you are running out of credits.

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