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Let’s say you want to assign a task to someone’s functional manager, but that person isn’t the same as the ‘Manager’ that you set up in KiSSFLOW when you added the person.

To do this, you can assign the task using a Master. We’ll create a Master called EmployeeMaster. I’ll include the email as the first column, then the function, then the FunctionalManager.

Back in my form, I’ll create a user field and title it Functional Manager. However, rather than displaying all the users, I’ll make it a computed field and enter this formula:


This formula will use the email of the person submitting the item and find the functional head from the master.

In the workflow, create an approval step and assign it to the Functional Manager field.

If you want, you can prevent this field from displaying on any of the forms by going to Change Permissions and selecting All Tasks.

Now, the Functional Manager will be assigned to this approval task on any workflow.

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