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Let’s say you have a task that doesn’t need to happen every time. For example, I only want to have Lucius approve a sales order if the price is over $10 million. Otherwise, I don’t want to include him.

To do this, I’ll add a task called Lucius approval. When you click the down arrow underneath the task, you will see more options. One of them says “When does this task happen?” By default, this is set to Always.

In our case, I want to change this. I’ll use the Field ID, and then add the greater than sign and then 10 million.


This formula field also supports advanced Excel formulas as well.

Now, Lucius will be included on items if the total order is over $10,000,000; otherwise, he is skipped.

For another example, when creating marketing collateral, you can add a yes/no field if you want to include the graphic designer. On your workflow, you can then set the graphic design task to only occur if the value of the field is 1 or ‘yes’. In our case, it would look like this:

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