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One of the most powerful reports you have is the App Metrics Report. You can find it by clicking on the Reports tab. Then click on App Specific Reports, then find the App you want to analyze. The App Metrics Report is automatically generated for every automated process.

First, select the date range you want to show in the report. 

The top layer of cards shows you the total number of items for that app, how many were completed, how many are in progress, and how many were rejected and how many were withdrawn. You can click on any of these numbers to get a more specific breakdown. 

In the Usage Report, you can see the same information in a graphical display. Hover over a point for a particular month to see a breakdown. The card on the right will give you a pie chart of the usage for the entire period.

The next sections show the Items that Crossed the Deadline and the Items Clarified. The deadlines are set up in the workflow and Items clarified refers to the number of items that were sent back for a clarification. These reports give you an idea of where you might need to change or edit your workflow to optimize your process. 

The Time Taken Report gives you an idea about how long it takes you to complete an item. It gives the maximum, minimum, and average time taken.  

At the bottom is the Task Report. This report analyzes each task in your workflow and gives you a breakdown of how much time it takes to complete individual tasks and if any tasks required clarification or crossed the deadline. All of these numbers are clickable as well where you can see a task drilldown report.

This report is automatically shared to all the users who have App Admin rights to the App. You can additionally share it with specific users or groups of your organization.

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