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Validations are checkpoints in your form to make sure the user has entered the right data in a field. You can set up different validations for different field types.

The first kind of validation is marking if a field is required or not. If you mark it as required, then the first time a field is editable, some data must be entered before it can be submitted or approved.

Depending on the field you select, you have additional validations to chose from. For Text and Text Area fields, you have the option of Alphanumeric, which means no special characters, Numeric or only numbers, and Email where an email address must be entered.

For Number and Currency fields, you have several different options to validate the data. You set a validation to make sure it is greater than, less than, or equal to another field in your form, or a specific value.

You can add multiple validation parameters, and you can also customize the validation error message so that users know how to correct their response.

For Date and Date & Time fields, the validation options are different. You can make it set in the past or future, or set it to be after, before, or equal to another field in your form.

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