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In the workflow section of KiSSFLOW, you can assign a task to the initiator’s manager, department head, or location head. You can also use KiSSFLOW system formulas to automatically display the initiator’s manager in a field.

To configure these settings, go to the Admin tab and click on Manage on the Users card. 

To assign a manager, department, or location to an individual user, scroll over and select the correct dropdown option by the user’s name. You can also create a new Department or Location from this screen. If you select multiple users at the same time, all their details will change with your selection.  

If you have a large group to upload, you might want to import a CSV file that includes these columns.  

If you want to manage your existing Departments or Locations, you can go to the dropdown at the top and make your selection. From this screen, you can add new departments or locations, and see how many users are in each group.
You can edit the name of the department or location, and change the head. You can also delete any department or location from this screen.

Check out the System Formulas page for more instructions on how to use formulas to automatically display the initiator’s manager and other interesting tricks.

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