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Let’s say that in your Purchase Order app, you want to refer to information from an item in another app like a Purchase Request. You can use the Lookup field for this. The Lookup field will pull data from any other app you have published.

In the Lookup field, where it says Choose data from, I will select Purchase Request. For Which field? I need to go back and check the Purchase Request App. Here I have made a unique field with a sequence number. This is the one I want to refer to. Under Which field? now I will select the PR number. I can also choose if I want to display any other fields to make sure I get the right one.

Now, I can auto-populate other fields in this app with data from the purchase request. For example, I can grab the name of the person who made the original purchase request. To do this, I need to make this field a computed field. The formula will be:


In this case, I’ll use:


I can do the same thing for as many fields as I like.

Now in the live form, here’s where I am able to select the purchase request number that I want to map this purchase order to. As soon as I do that, you can see that all of my other fields auto-populate.

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