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Let’s say that someone is filling out your Travel Request App who doesn’t need any hotel accommodations, plane tickets, or travel advance. It would be nice to skip all of your intermediate steps and go right to processing.

You can do just that with a Goto. A Goto is a trigger you can place inside your workflow that will let an item skip to a different task.

For example, here’s our Travel Request App. I want to skip to HR processing if there are no tickets or financing to be arranged. I’ll put a Goto right after the Supervisor Approval. When you click the goto, it will display a list of all the possible tasks you can hop to. I want this to go to the HR processing and I will enter the logic here. The dotted line will show you where the goto will hop to.

These forward hops can happen from one sequential task to another, or they can hop from within a parallel branch to another task.

Here’s another example.

Now let’s look at the form. Here, I’m the supervisor approving someone’s travel request. They have no need for hotel, tickets, or an advance.

After I approve it, it will go straight to HR processing. When you look at the progress bar, you will see that KiSSFLOW will show that a Goto has triggered.

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