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Installing the Sales Invoice app is quick and easy.

In your form, the Invoice Number field is already a sequence number. You can create your own prefix, or set your sequence number to start at any number you want.

If your invoices always go to approved Vendors, you can link their information with a Master field.

You can use this table to enter all the information you need to display on your invoice. You can connect your Product field to a Master to automatically display the price of any item. This column will automatically calculate the total. And all of the amounts from your table will be added together in this field.

In the workflow, this is set to go to the Finance Manager for approval, and then to Accounts Receivable for pending payment updates. I might also add a line for the VP of Sales to check the Invoice if the amount is greater than $10,000.

You could even extend this workflow with a Google App Script or a Zapier integration to automatically generate a document and send the invoice to the recipient rather than sending it out manually.

In the permissions tab, make sure all sensitive information is only seen by those necessary, and safeguard yourself by making fields read-only so they can’t be changed later on in the workflow.

At the publish stage, give your subject a good name to appear in emails and notifications. I’ll use my sequence number and the account name.

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