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Let’s look at how to install the Vacation Request App from KiSSFLOW.

In the form, the employee name is automatically generated with this system formula. The reporting manager is selected by this user field, and you could also dynamically assign the manager in the workflow section. By default, there are three types of leave, but you can adjust these as you need.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to show leave balances on your form as well.

When the employee is filling out this calendar, it will automatically calculate the number of days requested for each line here, and the total days will be here. It is currently set to only count weekdays and not Saturdays and Sundays.

In the workflow, the path is simply set up to get the Manager’s approval and then automatically go to HR processing. You could also create a parallel branch here if the employee needs both the project and functional manager to approve.

In the permissions, you can control which fields are visible, like the Reason for Absence field.

Finally, you can assign a subject to your app for easy tracking of individual items. I’ll call this one Vacation Request from {CreatedBy} for {Date Requested}.

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