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Start at the Apps tab and install the app called Purchase Request. Then open the app to make your own edits and customizations.

The form starts with a PR number that automatically generates a new sequence number every time. You can leave the requester’s name and department as fields, or you can have them auto-populate based on the initiator’s data by using a system formula like this.

This field called Estimated PR value will automatically generate the sum of all the line items in the next table.

You can have the initiator enter vendor information as well, or watch this video to see how to connect it to a master list of all your approved vendors.

When you first install an app, all of the tasks are given to the initiator so that you can test out the workflow in your own account. If you are ready to assign the tasks, click here. You can assign this task to an individual, or use the relationships you’ve set up in the admin tab to assign tasks dynamically like these.

In the Department Head task, you will see that it will only execute this step if the PR value is greater than $5,000. You can change this as you need.

Finally it will go to procurement. You will need to change the task owner here.

Next, you can edit the permissions to adjust the fields seen at each task. For example, you may want to make some fields editable or hidden.

Finally, go to the last stage and give your app a subject that will tag every item going through. I’ll use my sequence number and the person who created the request.

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