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If you refer to a Master field in another field, you might see a strange entry with numbers and letters like this. Here, the field Customer Name is referring directly to the master field Account Name. It might make the subject look strange and even emails.

The reason for this is that KiSSFLOW assigns a unique index value to your Master fields to help distinguish them from other fields. This isn’t visible when you are entering data in your Master, but it shows up here.

If you want to display the direct value of a field rather than the index value either in another field or in your subject, you’ll need to create a field that show the actual value.

Here, I’ll use my Customer Name field. Rather than having it refer directly to the master field, I’ll change the formula to this:


In my case, it will read:


Be sure to note the name of this new Field ID.

Now, go back to the publish step and change the subject to your new Field ID.

That’s how to get the Master field to display a value rather than an index.



*You can refer directly to a master field in an email notification and it will show the value rather than the index value.

*There are some special cases where an alternate solution is necessary. Here are two options:

1. Create another text field. Make it a computed field and enter this formula:


Here’s my formula


2. Create another Master Field. Choose data from the same Master (Vendor List) and the same field (Name). However, you are now going to add a filter. The filter should be that the Name should be equal to the formula:


Here’s mine:

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