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When you use the search bar on the home screen, you see results from all of your approvals, input requests, and clarifications.

If you’d rather just search inside one of those, you can select the section from the left navigation bar and search there.

To search through your Items, first choose the category you want to search.

Drafts are forms you’ve started but haven’t submitted. In Progress are items that you initiated. Participated are all the items you’ve acted on. Approved are those that have completed their workflow. Rejected are those that were sent back to the beginning, and Withdrawn are the ones that you’ve cancelled.

Here are the things that you can search for in your items:

  • Name of the App (either part of the name or the full name)

  • Name of the Task where an item currently is

  • Subject that you set up when you published the App (including sequence numbers)

  • Name of the person currently assigned to a task

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