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Let’s look at how to install the Travel Reimbursement App.

In the form, many of the fields are automatically populated with system formulas to minimize the number of fields someone needs to fill out.

The Travel Reimbursement App is a great chance to use the Lookup field. If you already have a Travel Request App, you can pull up a field like the cash advance from that app.

Your team will use this table to itemize all of their expenses. They can attach pdfs or images of receipts in this column.

Right now, the sum of all the fields in the table goes back up to the Total Expenses field.

In the workflow, you can include any supervisor approvals and include additional approvals if a reimbursement is over a certain amount. This is also a good time to add a Goto step to skip certain approvals and go straight to processing if the total amount requested is less than a certain value.

In the permissions, you may want to hide the expense item table from processing and just have them process the approved amount. But you do want to make certain comment fields editable.

Finally, give your app a good subject to name each item. I’ll call this one, Reimbursement Request from {Requestor} for {Departure Date}.

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