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Let’s say you have an approval process that needs to go through a Project Manager first, and then a Site Manager. But if a single person holds both of these positions, she will have to approve it twice.

Here’s how to prevent a double approval.

In the workflow section, I’ve assigned each of these tasks to a user field in my form. I want to skip the Site Manager task if the Site Manager already approved it as a Project Manager. In the conditions for this step, I’ll add the following formula:


If you are using KiSSFLOW’s built in hierarchies, you can use these system formulas as well:


This formula will make sure that if the Project Manager and the Site Manager are the same person, the tasks will not be duplicated.

Here’s how it looks in the workflow. If I check my items in progress, here’s an item where the Project Manager and the Site Manager are the same person. It skips the Site Manager task because of the formula we set up.

If you are going to include someone’s individual email address, you need to put it in quotations like this:

createdby<>"[email protected]"



You can apply this condition for tasks to skip multiple users by using the OR formula. For instance, use the following formula to skip the Department Head step who could be either of the two users:

OR(department.departmenthead<>"[email protected]",department.departmenthead<>"[email protected]")
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