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Start by installing the Purchase Order App from the Apps Tab.

In the wizard, check out the Form.

You can begin with a PO number. This is a auto-generated Sequence Number that you can set up however you’d like.

Purchase Orders are generally linked to Purchase Requests. You can key it in manually here, or, if you use KiSSFLOW for Purchase Requests, this is a great time to use the Lookup field to get data from that app.

You can keep fields like Requestor’s Name and Department as they are, or you can set them to auto-populate with system formulas.

Similarly, for all the vendor information, you can enter the information, or you can link all of your vendor information through a Master, so that it all shows automatically after choosing an approved vendor.

Item descriptions can also be linked to masters and lists.

All of the information you put into the table will be automatically calculated and produced in this field. Then you can add any necessary taxes or other fees.

In the Workflow, you can set as many approval steps as you need. This one will automatically send an approval request to the initiator’s manager if you click this button.

You can also set up some tasks to only occur if the total amount on the PO is over a certain amount.

In the Permissions tab, you can control what information is seen at each task, so you can hide some data, or set it to read-only so it can’t be changed.

When you are ready to publish your app, remember to give it a good subject. Here, the PO number and Vendor name is probably a great idea.

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