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When you are setting deadlines and SLAs in your workflow, you want these times to follow your regular working days and holidays.

You can customize these settings in the Admin tab under Account Settings. The first thing you can do is set your regular working days. By default, these will be set to Monday to Friday. But you can customize it to suit your organization.

You can also add office holidays into your calendar. Just select the date, and give the holiday a name. Your holiday list will not be recurring and needs to be added in for every year. You can input holidays for the current year and the coming year.

Both of these setting will then be used when your deadline and SLA calculations are made. For example, if a task with a 24 hour deadline starts on Thursday evening, but you have a holiday set for Friday and you don’t work on Saturday and Sunday, the deadline will shift to Monday.

It will also work with any NETWORKDAYS functions you’ve used in your form.

Your days off and holidays will also display with the Date field as a shaded date. Users are still able to choose the day, but it will just be highlighted.

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