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Printing a form is flexible and easy in KiSSFLOW.
First, open an item. Then, click on the printer icon at the top near the progress bar.

You can choose if you want to print the comments or leave them off. 

You also have the option to print the approval flow or not. The approval flow will show who has completed each step and at what time and date. You might also want to show only the completed workflow tasks.

You have a few other general print settings to choose from like the size and orientation of the paper.

You also have controls over how to display table data. Deselect this option to remove table data from your printout. Printing a row as a list makes sure the entire row data gets printed even if you selected a narrower page setting. You can also choose to leave off some columns when you print.

Once you are ready, hit print to get a paper printout or save as a PDF.

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