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To use the Sales Order App, start by installing it from the Apps Tab.

Each Sales Order item should get an individual number along with it. This field is already set up as a sequence number.

In these fields, you can enter the customer data. Rather than entering the data every time, you can link this sheet to a Master sheet that has a list of all of your customers.

Some fields like the internal person who submitted this order can be grabbed automatically using system formulas.

You can also link all of your product descriptions and prices to a separate master where you keep all of your product information. This will allow fields to auto-populate for you to ensure accuracy.

The Total Amount and Total Price fields will automatically be calculated. You can connect these address fields to your master data as well for an automatic upload.

In the workflow, you can set as many approval steps as you need. You can assign this first step to the manager of the person who initiated the item by clicking this button.

You can also set up another tasks to only occur if the total Sales Order is over a certain amount.

In the Permissions tab, you can control what information is seen at each task, so you can hide some data, or set it to read-only so it can’t be changed.

When you are ready to publish your app, remember to give it a good subject. Here, we’ll use that Order Number we started out with and the Account Name.

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