Here are the API’s to create update and delete tables:

Request type – POST:

 /api/1/<process name>/<request id/subject>/<table name>/create

Request type – PUT:

/api/1/<process name>/<request id/subject>/<table name>/<record id>/update

Request type – DELETE:

/api/1/<process name>/<request id/subject>/<table name>/<record id>/delete

1. There is no direct option to read the Table separately, all the table records will be part of parent READ request.
2. For updation and deletion you have provide to 32 bit UUID as record id.

Sample JSON with table records,

Id: "Sh2a6b8c51_84e7_11e3_bdd0_ddc2c98b0428",
Subject: "Request for Claim",
Total Amount: 30000,
Claims: [
  PlaceVisited: "Singapore",
  Amout: 10000,
  Id: "Sh2a6b8c51_84e7_11e3_bdd0_ddc2c98b0123"
  PlaceVisited: "Tailand",
  Amout: 20000,
  Id: "Sh2a6b8c51_84e7_11e3_bdd0_ddc2c98b0456"
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