Master CSV Import

1 POST - http://<your_account_id><master_name>/csv


Use this API to insert/update master data, For example lets consider a CountryMaster, where the field names are CountryName, Population and CountryCode.

To insert a record in CountryMaster,

csv_data: CountryName,Population,CountryCode\nGermany,100000,GER\nCanada,40000,CAN

To update existing records in CountryMaster,

csv_data: CountryName,Population,CountryCode\nGermany,1112222,GER

In the above example, CountryName is primary column. Providing an existing CountryName will update the record instead of creating new one.

using CURL command,

[for local path]

curl -H "api_key:<your_api_key>" -X POST --data-urlencode [email protected]:\Work\CountryMaster.csv http://<your_account_id>


curl -H "api_key:<your_api_key>" -X POST --data-urlencode [email protected]://<your_account_id>


master.csv file should in standard csv format,






Deleting master data is not implemented part of REST API.

But you can replace the complete master data with new CSV file by providing an extra argument  –data-urlencode “replace=Yes”

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