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You can integrate KiSSFLOW with Google Calendar to automatically add events to a calendar.

For example, I want to create a calendar event in this app after Mr. Wayne gives his approval here.

You can do this with a Zapier for Work account. Start off by connecting the Zap to the right automated process. For us, it’s Mr. Wayne’s Travel arrangements. See this video to learn how to connect your KiSSFLOW account to Zapier and set up webhooks.

Add a filter to this Zap so that it only happens after a particular task is completed in the workflow. When you find the name of the step, enter it exactly as it shows in your workflow. If you ever change the name of this step, you’ll need to change it here too. I’ll choose the task, Mr. Wayne’s Approval.

Now, I can set up the action in Google Calendar. Within Zapier, you can add, update, or even delete an event.

I want to create a new Detailed Event. Start by choosing the calendar you want to add the event to. The summary will be the name of the event. I’ll choose the Subject. You can add a description, location, and many other fields.

You’ll need to enter the start and end times, so make sure you have those fields in your form. KiSSFLOW saves your API data based on GMT, so you will likely need to adjust it.

For example, Wayne Enterprises is on Eastern time in the US. So, I’ll need to say “-4h” to bring the time back four hours during daylight savings. Make sure you put a space between all of your adjustments.

You also have a lot of other options setting the frequency of repeated events and inviting others. I’ll add Miss Wells to make sure she stays informed.

Once your Zap is all set up, make sure it is turned on.

In our workflow, here’s the step that we called “Mr. Wayne’s Approval”, and the travel is scheduled to start at 10:30am. Right after I approve it, we can check the calendar, and see that the new event has been added.

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