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You can integrate KiSSFLOW with Google Sheets so that data from your form can be automatically added to a spreadsheet.

For example, I want to add a row to my Sales Tracker whenever a customer submits a new enquiry from the form I host on my website.

You can do this with a paid Zapier for Work account. Start off by connecting the Zap to the right automated process. For us, it’s Customer Enquiry for Wayne Chemicals. See this video to see how to connect your KiSSFLOW account to Zapier and set up webhooks.

Add a filter to this Zap so that it only happens at a particular task in the workflow. I want this to trigger after the first step is finished, so I’ll put in the process step of Start

Now, I can choose Google Sheets as the action. You have the option to update a row or create a new row. I want to create a new row on my sheet.

In Zapier, select the right spreadsheet and worksheet that you want to update. Then, you can map all of your fields in your form to the right columns.

Once your Zap is all set up, make sure it is turned on.

In the workflow, as soon as this form is initially submitted, you can see that the spreadsheet is updated too.

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