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You can integrate KiSSFLOW with Google Drive to create new folders and files automatically. For example, every time I request new Marketing Collateral with this App, I want a folder to be created to keep all of the files. 

To do this, you’ll need to use your paid Zapier for Work account. Start by making a new Zap. See this video for how to set up your account the first time and use webhooks. 

Choose the process that you’d like to integrate. In my case it is the Marketing Collateral app. 

Now, I’ll need to add a filter. I want the new folder to be created immediately after the app is initiated and before the writing begins. So, for my filter I’ll add the Process Step of Start. If you want it to start after a different step, just put the exact name of that step here. If you ever change the name of this task, you’ll need to update this Zap too.

Next, we’ll add the Google Drive action. You can actually do several things with Google Drive such as creating new folders, or creating new files based on fields in your form. In my case, I want to create a new folder.

Note on attachments: Using Zapier, you cannot automatically upload attachments on your forms into a Google Drive folder. You can only show a link for the attachment. Uploading attachments from forms can be done, but only through App Scripts. Contact support for more information.

In the next screen, you can choose if you want to nest you new folders in another folder; otherwise they will go to your top level. Then you can choose the file name. I’m going to choose a name that comes out of my form, like my Content Title. 

Then, once everything is tested, turn your Zap on. 

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