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Setting Up the Performance Appraisal App
Setting Up the Performance Appraisal App

Configuring and installing the Employee Performance Appraisal workflow

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You can start by installing the Employee Performance Appraisal App from the Apps tab.

In your form, you should have all the fields you need to carry out your appraisal. Many of these fields can be auto-populated using system formulas or masters. For example, I can automatically show the department of the initiator with this system formula.


These user fields for managers are important because they will be the ones assigned to the workflow later on.

Every company does employee reviews differently, but you can use this template to start to build your appraisal around the Key Performance Indicators of your team. 

When you look at the workflow, it’s usually the HR team who first initiates an item and clarifies the path for each employee. Then it goes to the employee, her reporting manager, a reviewing manager, back to the original manager for recommendations, verification from the employee, and finally to the HR personnel. You can make changes to this sequence to suit your organization’s need, taking advantage of the user fields and built-in hierarchy.

Performance appraisals are very confidential, so there may be several fields that you want to hide or make read-only. Use the Permissions tab to set these up.

Finally, go to the Publish App tab and give a unique name to each item in the app to make it easily identifiable from other apps. I’ll call it Appraisal for {Employee Name}.

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