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The Employee Onboarding App is one of KiSSFLOW’s most popular apps.

Start by installing it from the Apps tab. 

You can customize everything about this app to fit your requirements. 

For example, if you want to add a place in the form a photo, you can add a new attachment field here. These user fields allow you to assign future tasks in the workflow dynamically to different people. 

You can take advantage of system formulas to automatically display data. For example, if you put in this system formula:


The department head will auto-populate.

This form will allow a new hire to enter information like phone number and emergency contact details only one time rather than having to fill it out for every department. 

Next, set the workflow. Here, you can list out all the tasks that need to be completed as a part of onboarding. Add new steps by clicking on the plus sign in the workflow. Parallel branches allow you to have multiple tasks completed at the same time without having to wait for others to be completed. 

In the Change Permissions tab, you can decide who gets to see what information by making some fields read-only or hidden. 

Finally, you can make the app live in Publish tab. Here, you can write a subject line to easily distinguish different items in this app. In my case, I’ll name it Employee Onboarding for {Employee Name}. This will help you search through items easily. 

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