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Setting up the Service Request app can help your admin team quickly respond to any kind of service request around the office. Start by installing the app to your KiSSFLOW account. 

In the Form section, you can use system formulas to make fields like this one auto-populate. Use dropdown fields to choose the request type and priority. You can also add a user field to assign a task to a particular person later on. Your fields can have default values and help text too. 

In the workflow, you can choose who can start the workflow. For example, you may want to restrict it to a particular group, like only department heads. This workflow uses the dropdown in the form to sort who should act on the item. You can assign a task to a group or individual, or you can use the new user field you created to assign tasks. 

In the permissions tab, you can hide certain fields. For example, you may only want your maintenance head to assign the responsible person and the priority, and hide these fields from others.  

Before you publish the app, choose a subject for each individual item that goes through the workflow. I’ll call this one - Service Request from {Employeename} on {createdat}, to give me the date.

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