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You can use the Discount Approval App when your sales team needs a quick way to approve discounts for large sales.

Start by installing it from the Apps tab. Once installed, you can edit the form to change any of the fields listed.

You can add options for dropdowns, make certain fields required, and link customer data to masters so that they can auto-populate information.

In the workflow, you can dynamically assign tasks to the initiator’s manager. You can also bring in the department head if the discount is above a certain amount.

In the permissions, you might want to not distract the Department head with some fields like employee details. These can be hidden for that step. As an app admin, I can also set certain fields to read-only mode for other participants so that they don’t tamper with the fields.

Finally, I’ll publish the app and give it a unique subject name to tell it apart from other similar apps that the sales team uses. I’ll call this one Discount for {Account} Submitted on {CreatedAt} so that when I look for the next time it’ll easily come in my search.

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