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When you log into KiSSFLOW for the first time, you can use one of the Single Sign-On options, or put in your email and password. The first time you log in, KiSSFLOW will ask to access your contacts to help your workflows go smoothly.
The first screen you see will be your approvals. The form should look nearly the same as the web version. However, all fields will display in a single column, and rows in tables will show in sections.
At the bottom, you can reject, approve, get clarity, or save an item to handle later.
If you click on the left navigation menu, you’ll see your access to your input requests, and clarifications. You can also see all of your drafts, items in progress, participated items, approved items, and rejected items.
The big red button at the bottom is the same one you use to initiate any workflow.
You can also print any item directly from your iPhone.
If you click the callout button, you will be directed to our support team who will be happy to help you with any question. The last menu on the right lets you log out from the system.

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