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Creating a New Master is very simple. Start by clicking on the Masters Tab. On the left hand side, there is a button called Create Master.

In the new dialog box, start by naming this master. We’ll call this one Product List. In this list, you can add as many columns as you want, but the first column should be something with unique values like a serial number. We’ll also add the Product Name and Price.

The column format can be text, date, date & time, or number. The first column must be a text field, although you can use numbers to fill out this field.

After you have inserted all of your columns, click Save, and the system will create your master.

To insert all the data, you have a few options. You can enter in the information manually. You can also copy/paste from a spreadsheet.

Or, you can directly import any CSV file with the same Column headings. Click the “Import” option. You can upload your own CSV file, or click “Download a sample CSV” and KiSSFLOW will automatically create a CSV file for you with the correct headings. There is no limit to the number of rows you can add, but if you have more than 2,000 we recommend using a CSV file.

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