What is an Account Owner? 

The account owner is the person who created your KiSSFLOW account. Owners can access high-level administrative features like User Management, Billing, Apps, and Reports. An account can have only one owner, but he/she can transfer ownership to a Super Admin. An account can have multiple Super Admins.

Check out the Types of Accounts to know the different types of users and administrators. 

How Do I Transfer the Ownership of My Account?

Make sure you are logged in as the Account Owner. If you are not sure who the Account Owner is for your account, start a chat conversation. 

Go to the Admin tab and click on Manage on the Users card. Click on the row that displays your information, and then click on More (...) and select Transfer Ownership. Choose a Super Admin from the dropdown and click on Transfer. Once done, the ownership will be transferred to the user you selected and you will no longer be the owner for that account.

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