If an item has been pending for a long time and you need it completed, you can send a reminder nudge to the current task owner.

User Nudge

As a user, you may want to nudge the task owner of an item you started.  

From the left navigation bar on the Home page, choose the In Progress tab. At the bottom of the item, you will find the Nudge button. 

When you click this option, the current task owner will receive an email reminder to complete the task. 

Admin Nudge

As an App Admin, you can nudge any pending item in the apps you manage.  

You can nudge any single item from any report by finding the pending item and clicking on View Form. At the bottom of the form, you will see an option to Nudge

If you want to do a bulk nudge, click on App Specific Reports and choose the app. When you open any of your reports, including the All Items Report, you will see the Nudge option appear at the top. Select the items you would like to send reminders for, and then click Nudge

When several items are nudged, if multiple items have a single task owner, only one email will go out as a reminder with all the items listed.

Customizing the Nudge Email Reminder

You can customize the email sent to task owners from the Notifications section in the Admin screen. You can change the text for all reminder emails, or create unique modifications for individual apps.  

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